On this page you can find a variety of information about my most used online fragrance related sources, stores where I shop, places for buying decants, current discounts available online e.t.c. 

I hope you find this information helpful. 

Perfume Society on Fragrantica

It won’t be surprise for anyone that Fragrantica.com is my main and mostly used resource when it comes to fragrance search. It is basically a huge library of fragrance and much more. Being a large community, it has subpages which are very interesting to visit. From horoscope to new perfume launches, Fragrantica has it all. 


I personally love to visit other subpages of Fragrantica in order to see what other reviews are there. If you stick to the dot com version it’s fine, there is plenty information and a lot of reviews present at all times for most scents. But when it comes to more niche brands, reviews can be sparse so every information is helpful. I tend to Google-translate stuff from Italian and Spanish Fragrantica and tend to read a lot on Russian and Dutch Fragrantica websites too as I am fluent in these languages. 

Now Smell This or NST blog

Now Smell This or NST is a huge blog that features latest releases and provides interesting reviews to existing or upcoming scents. It is by far my most favorite blog page to snoop around. I love how well and straight to the point their descriptions are. Very lovely blog if you like combining your cup of tea wit some fine reads.

Checking perfume manufacturing dates

Once buying perfumes in store or second hand I usually go for two existing websites for checking product batch codes. Beware though! Niche fragrances are not on these websites and can not be traced with a code. But there are other ways to recognize authenticity or production year in selective perfumery. Almost all of the designer fragrances can be found on either one of the following websites:


Selling/buying decants

Since I live in Netherlands, here we have a big local online marketplace where you can list the perfumes or decants you want to sell and people just contact you when they have interest in your offerings. If you are looking or something more exclusive or out of reach such as vintage perfumes, try ebay but make sure that the seller can authenticate the bottle for you by providing actual images of the bottle in your messages. Don’t get fooled by images of the listings as these are frequently hijacked bu other ebay users. 


Perfumery Sample Service

Several perfume stores with exclusive rights to sell niche brands are often offering sample service. I continuously use 2 shops where I get my niche and more high end samples from. My absolute number one  shop is called Skins Cosmetics  They have a large online space and also several stores across big cities in Netherlands. Their online shop which provides service of 5 samples for 20 euros. Each sample you select is 1,5 ml and each kit includes 15 euro voucher for the next time purchase. 


Second online store is called NOSE  It offeres an olfactory diagnosis where you have to list your current perfumes and you will end up with 5 recommendations for a fragrance. 5-sample pack costs you 10 euros. If there are certain samples you want to try out they will make them for you at a cost of 3 euros per 1,5ml.


Both stores ship internationally 🙂