What is your favorite perfume?

The answer to that question is not that simple. I divide my perfumes mostly by seasons. My top 4 picks are:

What is your favorite scent(s) for men?

 My most favorite fragrances for men are:

What makes perfume last longer?

If you have problems with longevity on your skin, stry applying scent on your clothes, it usually makes it last longer. If you prefer skin application, use unscented body lotion. Moisturizers tend to grab on to perfume better than bare skin. You can also apply fragrance into your hair. It works great to increase overall longevity

When did you start collecting fragrance?

I was always interested in fragrance and various scents. I can’t really pinpoint the exact time. My collection started growing significantly about a decade ago.

How many perfumes are in your collection?

I never count my bottles but I think at this point I have about 300 different fragrances in my wardrobe. Those are full bottles. As for splits, decants and samples add another six hundred.

How do you store your scents?

I have several post about storing fragrance. Check the following links for ideas and to see how I do it:

  • Storing perfume bottles
  • Storing perfume samples
  • Storing perfume decants

What is your favorite fragrance color?

White. I am obsessed with white florals and white cedar in my scents. 

Do you work with affiliates or sponsors?

Yes, if I am offered that opportunity and the product seems interesting to me. . In case something is/has been gifted, you will be able to see the information in the review on my scented blog. 

How to contact you for partnership/affiliate proposals?

Simply fill in the contact form on my contact page or e-mail me at perfumeaholic.instagram@outlook.com

What is your favorite perfume family?

 My most favorite fragrance groups are:

  • Soft Florals
  • Aromatic
  • Fresh Aquatics
  • Woody
  • Oriental

What are your favorite unisex fragrances?

I love a lot of unisex creations made by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. I mean nearly ALL of them 🙂 There are so many timeless pieces from this niche house that anyone could find a good and unique fragrance from there for themselves.

Where do you buy your fragrances from?

Mostly online or in local perfume shops here in Netherlands. Occasionally I buy some discontinued and tough to find scents from discounters or marketplace.

What is the most oversold fragrance in your opinion?

Definitely Yoy (EDT) by Christian Dior. I think there was so much fuzz about it floating around whilst the scent itself is not well balanced at all. I do like the EDP version a bit better though.

What is the most undersold fragrance in your opinion?

I adore what Salvador Dali created in it’s Eau de Dali fragrance. It is a true beauty and a gem in my collection. The more you wear it, the more you start to appreciate it’s beauty. A lot of people are put off by the sharp opening.

Are you anosmic to anything?

Unfortunately yes. I have difficulties with violet scents. To me they smell like cat pee. 

And idiots, I’m anosmic to idiots

What are your top 10 scent recommendations of all times?

I am currently making this post and it will be revealed in January 2020 so stay tuned for the answer. 

Are you a dog or a cat person?

Definitely a dog person. I have a little fluffy pup living with me. 

What is your profession?

I am a Rehabilitation Specialist by day and Perfumeaholic the rest of my time. 

Do you have kids?

Yes I have a daughter.